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*-NAME (first name only shall suffice)- Adrianna

(Im on the left)
*-COMPLETE BIRTHDATE (month, day, year)- October 11, 1989
*-HOMETOWN Garden City
*-EDUCATION (grammar school, high school, college, etc) High School
*-INTERESTS (let us know what makes you YOU!) I play guitar, am captain of the volleyball team, and play tennis.
-SOME SPECIAL AWARDS/HONORS YOU HAVE RECEIVED (used in tie-breakers) I've gotten every single english award for the past 3 years (including...journalism,poetry,and best writer in class)
*-WHY YOU WOULD BE A GOOD FIT (just a few sentences) I would be a good fit because i am part of the upper crust. I think ill add my own personal flavor to this community.

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Good start - I'd say write a bit more on the application, but sounds good to me.

Sounds good, but I think you forgot the part about your schooling. :)
Well, you didn't, but most just say where they go, but whatever!
The application is a little bare, but I liked what I saw. So it is a yes!