duckrabbit (ex_duckrabbi415) wrote in upper_crust,

Name: Zoe
Photo: If you have a MySpace account, go here: photos
Birthdate: 03/14/1982
Hometown: Born Reno, NV; raised Boston, MA
Schooling: Mamie Towles Elementary School, Boston Latin School, Boston University
Interests: Philosophy (particularly epistemology, philosophy of language/logic, history of early analytic), writing, Greek, Latin, German, fiction, sissy sports, wine, good food, music (listening), music (playing piano and guitar), film.
Special awards/honors: National Merit Scholar. Full-tuition merit award to BU. Beginning PhD in philosophy this fall.
Why I'm a Good Fit: I am lucky, smart, and hardworking. I am an elitist, but I also find my situation funny (when I drink cognac with my family at night after returning from the tennis club, I know it is hilarious; I realize my peers in academia are privileged to lead the lives they do). I would like to be able to talk with other people who lead similar lives. Many people seem to assume that since I drive a nice car, live in a nice house, and am fairly successful academically, I must either a) be a spoiled brat or b) not have any worries. HA!
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