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NAME: Hannah
PHOTO: ask me for this later, I'll put one of my senior pictures on my dad's computer. this one doesn't have a scanner. My user photo is me when i was 3 if that helps :)
BIRTHDATE: 8/20/87
HOMETOWN: Lincoln, NE (woo hoo, right?)
EDUCATION: The school district I live in is actually like...in the top 10 in the country, so my parents sent me to the public schools. I attended Clare McPhee Elementary School, Irving Middle School, and Lincoln Southeast High School. I'll be attending Nebraska Wesleyan University next year as a political science major.
INTERESTS: I LOVE playing tennis, cooking, photography, enjoying music both by listening to it and playing it. I also enjoy literature and films, both domestic and foreign, studio and independent. Yesterday I saw "Un Long Dimanche de Francailles" and it was amazing.
SOME SPECIAL AWARDS/HONORS YOU HAVE RECEIVED: I attended the National Youth Leadership Forum on Law and Nebraska Girls State. Like everyone else, I'm on Honor Roll and National Honor Society, and I'm involved with various clubs and Student Council at my school.
WHY YOU WOULD BE A GOOD FIT (just a few sentences): I'm no snob, but I definitely enjoy the finer things in life, living in an upscale old neighborhood, belonging to a country club, and being as classy a person as possible. When I say classy, I'm not necessarily just referring to fashion. To me, being classy is being friendly, polite, and tactful.
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