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note: i'm re-applying since i didn't get any votes beforehand so here

*-NAME: Marsalis
*-PHOTO: (below)
*-COMPLETE BIRTHDATE: January 20, 1989
*-HOMETOWN: Ypsilanti, MI
*-EDUCATION: I've gone to Estabrook New Horizon Elementary School, West Middle School and now the town's high school, Ypsilanti High school
*-INTERESTS: I like tennis, soccer, writing books, watching old movies, clothes, privileges, classical music, The Catcher in the Rye, A Seperate Peace, banned books, Thirteen, French pop, War and Peace, the suburbs, fast cars
-SOME SPECIAL AWARDS/HONORS YOU HAVE RECEIVED: I was featured in the town newspaper when I wrote this book in 2nd grade (which unfortunately wasn't published). I've one a few MLK awards in elementary and middle school, I got Best in English at Honors Night in 8th grade, also numerous Honors Awards for scholastic grades throughout middle school, and I was on the National Junior Honor Society while in 8th grade, along with student council. And I've also had stories submitted into the school lit magazine.
*-WHY YOU WOULD BE A GOOD FIT: I think I would be a good fit because I'm not trying to be all stuck-up and image-created just to get in here. I like to discuss elitism, though, and I like to listen to other's ideas. Although I do live in a comfortable and respectable neighborhood/house and take a lot of my life for granted, I try to remember that this isn't exactly the only world.

Sorry if this scares you, haha, but I was trying to look "pouty" and it's the only pic I have online.
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