Yo Iris (liketheitrules) wrote in upper_crust,
Yo Iris

my application

*-NAME: Iris
*-PHOTO: ask for one later
*-COMPLETE BIRTHDATE: November 4th, 1987
*-HOMETOWN: Loudonville, NY
*-EDUCATION: Morrey Elementary School (Stroudsburg, PA), Baraillon Elementary School (Tassin-La-Demi Lune, France), Loudonville Elementary (Loudonville, NY), Shaker Junior High School (Latham, NY), Shaker High School (Latham, NY), McGill University(Montreal, Quebec) (well, not yet, as I haven't graduated high school yet...but I WILL go there)
*-INTERESTS: walking (it's good excersize, though I often get teased by my classmates who drive), poetry, writing, acting, being with friends, Bands like: the honorary title, the living end, bands from the sixties artists like: Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Rufus Wainwright, Jack Johnson, Al Green. I enjoy chilling with the Speech and Debate nerds. I like cities. I like coffee. I like hanging out with the friday night crew, driving around in my friend's SUV hitting up starbucks, walking around at night, eating at diners, etc...
-SOME SPECIAL AWARDS/HONORS YOU HAVE RECEIVED: National Honor Society, Honor Roll, gold medal/state finalist for trip to Russia in New York State Russian Olympiada 2004, Speech and Debate leadership award, third place trophies in speech and debate in the category of Varsity Oral Interpretation, silver and bronze medals in Russian olympiadas in 2003 and 2005, gold medal in the Russian essay competition--essay will be judged in Moscow, published in school literary magazine and school newspaper, silver medals in national latin exam, there are probably other awards I'm not remembering
WHY YOU WOULD BE A GOOD FIT: Well I don't APPEAR to be stuck up or elitist...in fact most of my clothes are hand me downs from friends because I recently lost weight. The rest of my clothes I get at TJ Maxx. I'm eccentric and geeky. So if you looked at me you wouldn't think I was an elitist.
However, I do take latin, I do speech and debate. I was given the choice of going to state schools or McGill, and I jumped at McGill, no question about it. I have lived in France, and have been to the following European countries: France, Spain, Italy, England, Russia, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg. I adore cities. I have talked loudly about applying to Vassar while sitting in a Mercedes Benz dealership as my friend got her SUV fixed. I could technically qualify for Daughters of the American Revolution because I'm related to Nathan Hale. I read the NY Times Style section. I didn't qualify for financial aid. These are facts about me that I can manipulate to my chosing, making me seem upper crust.
At the same time, I'm not entirely like you guys. I'm a democrat! One of my favorite times last year was going to this hardcore show called "bands against bush." I adore the dollar store and goodwill. I get most of my CDs from the library. I don't drive or have a cell phone. And the only stable source of income in my house is my mom's teacher's salary, though my dad does own his own business...it's just not stable. So...those are facts about me that one could manipulate in the other direction. Just putting it all out there.
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