Yo Iris (liketheitrules) wrote in upper_crust,
Yo Iris

Elitist but true statements!

Most of us are rich or at least upper middle class, but those of us that with money and those of us who struggle a little more to get by all have one thing in common: our elitist attitudes about pop culture, food, travel, school, etc.! Which is I why I present to you a fun little game called
Elitist but true!
in which each member, if they so chose, may post three stereotypically elitist viewpoints that they hold that are, despite their patrician nature, true, dammit!

My contribution:

1) The shirts from old navy are going to fall apart in the wash. You might as well just go to target, where the clothes are inexpensive, but hey, at least they have that Isaac Mizrahi guy brightening things up! In other words, if you're going to slum, then go all out! This is known as reverse elitism.
2) Perrier tastes like shit, but I've been known to order it anyway.
3) If the movie isn't playing in some arthouse indie theater, it probably isn't that good. Hipster elitism!
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