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Home Again

This is my Application. I hope you enjoy it.

 Name: James Cody Littlefield (But I go by Cody)

             Photo:  This is me at the Skull and Bones tomb at Yale.


                       Birthdate: December 8, 1987

                       Hometown: Born in Greenwich, CT . But raised in San Diego CA.

                       Education: James Madison Elementary, William Montgomery Academy (Junior High), Granite Hills High School (Go Eagles) , and Hopefully Yale for college.

                       Interests: My top interest, one I spend most of my time on other than school, is politics. I love politics. I work for Assemblyman/Soon to be Congressman Juan Vargas, in San Diego; and it's a blast. I also love to sail, Catamarans mainly. San Diego is great for sailing. Golfing is another past time of mine, I'm not great yet; but I'm getting better. I'm also a geek at heart; I'm the president of the Star Wars club at my High School; and I will be going to Comic Con in two days! Other than that I like to go the the Desert and ride quads and buggies; I surf a little but I suck. I hang out with friends, and once a year we throw the biggest Bonfires. But I love to drive my 2004 Volkswagen GTI fast. Very fast. mmmm.

                      Honors: Most of my honors have to do with sports. I play hockey. I was awarded the "Youngest Captain Award" for being Captain of the Team my Sophomore Year. Also I recieved the "Saint Award", which is kind of like the MVP award, but we're called the San Diego Saints. Also, I got the IronMan Award for playing an entire tournament without breaks. And the Golden Puck for Best Defenseman. In the Political Arena I was given the "Young Legislator Award" for my work on a Bill which would prohibit smoking 20 ft. from a public building, and another Bill which would prohibit smoking on State Property. As you can see, I hate smoking. I was also honored to represent my school at the 2005 California Boys' State which was a total blast. And finally, the Star Wars club gave me the "Blade of Darth Bane" which is for keeping the "Sith Party" in power for four Years.

                      Why would I be a good fit? I believe I would be a good fit because I do believe that there are some people in this world that are better than others. I think that these better people are this way because they have put out the effort to become this way. It is also very clear that some people are more intelligent, and naturally adept at the greater things in life. And I feel that I am one of them. I also have been exposed the the Upper Crust my entire life, and I know how everything goes down in this world. Also, I think this community looks like a lot of fun. By the way, how many people here are applying to Yale or Harvard? Just want to see any possibly competition out there.

I just want to add that I am an IB Diploma student, and I think that the IB Program is the perfect suit to the Upper Crust; so, if anyone here has an opportunity to do that program, do it.

How many people on here are Republicans?

My brother just brought something to my attention that he wants me to put in. our Family motto. "Who was the fool? who was the wiseman ,beggar, or King? Whether rich or poor, all's the same in Death." - just a little more glimpse into my life.
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I was all ready to vote for you until you said that some people are better than others. That statement turned me off. We aren't more intelligent or better, we just have more luck and opportunities, and we glory in that luck. But I should hope to god none of us would say we are better than anyone else.
I see what you mean. But, I do not see luck as an issue. If somebody works hard to be better, then they deserve that title.
But they aren't BETTER. They are more prosperous, more advanced in society. They are not better people.
so, you wouldn't consider yourself better than, say, the guy living under the bridge because he decided to use his trust fund for crack? instead of working hard and creating a good life for himself? I don't condsider the most rich people in America as better. I consider those of us who work hard for what we get. I.E. The student who works hard for his grades, or the Minimum wage earning women who works 2 or 3 jobs to get along. Or my father who started out as a Janitor in the company which he is now regional Director for. These people earn what they have, and therefore are better for it. i'm not trying to change your vote, I just love debate.
Are you applying to schools other than Harvard & Yale?
Yeah. My list, in order of preference, goes like this.
Yale, Georgetown, Harvard, Penn, Boston College, Virginia Military Institute, UC Berkely, UC Davis, UC San Diego, University of San Diego, and San Diego State. I might apply to Dartmouth and Brown, But I don't really like either very much.

Deleted comment

The difference between Dartmouth and Yale, to me, is that I feel at home and comfortable at Yale, and I just didn't get that feeling when I was at Brown or Dartmouth. I'll probably apply just in case I don't get into any other colleges on my list. I know Dartmouth is a great school, and I would be happy to go there. I just wasn't feeling it. Do you go to Dartmouth? How do you like it there?
Why would Dartmouth be for a hardcore city person? Isn't it in a very small town? I'd think a city person would want to go to Columbia or UPenn.
Oops, I forgot the "n't" in "Don't" in my original comment.


Definitely NOT a freudian slip!
Why don't you like Dartmouth?

Don't go to Dartmouth if you're a hardcore city person like I am.
for an ib diploma student, your grammar and syntax are deplorable. i'm not trying to insult you, but merely calling it to your attention so that you can remedy it.

someone who is truly uppercrust is not only intelligent, but well spoken.
hmm. I didn't know I was being graded on . So I didn't really care how it sounded.
Sure, why not? You seem cool enough. I'm a Republican.
awesome. My favorite color is red; and my favorite animal is an Elephant.